Roosje van de Kaap in Swellendam

History of Roosje van de Kaap

Roosje van de Kaap is built on the old garden grounds of the Drostdy Hof (now a museum), the former seat of the Dutch East Indian companies Landdrost, ruler of the greater Swellendam territory. The oldest part of our Restaurant building and the Blaauw room dates to 1790, when it was erected as a stable for cattle. The house at the other side of our complex (left on the picture below) is a Victorian style house from 1890, dating back to the British period.

When the present owners, Freerk and Helpi Brandsma, took the Guesthouse over from the former owners in 2010, they had to renovate the whole complex. A process ongoing till the present day; in the latest part (2016-2017), 4 new buildings were erected, and the restaurant building with its rooms as well as 6 Garden rooms were thoroughly rebuilt, all done in preserving the old style and atmosphere.

Welcome to Roosje van de Kaap, a place with an open mind to whatever background, nationality, race, religion or sexuality people might have. God’s hand in this world, after all, is one of diversity; not one of monotony.